Initial consultation

  • An initial consultation is an obligation-free meeting where we’ll chat about your goals, medical history, and any current or past training. We’ll work through a short movement assessment so I can program effectively for you.

60-min sessions

$120Per week
  • This session includes a complete guided warm-up, a whole week of additional programmed sessions, monthly measurements, and nutritional advice. 60-minute sessions are best for beginners looking to kick-start their fitness journey or experienced lifters looking to improve strength and technique.

45-min sessions

90Per week
  • This session includes complete programmed warm-ups, additional programmed sessions, and nutritional advice. These sessions are hyper-focussed and allow us to effectively train or discuss progress. Also, the session is flexible. Best for individuals with some gym experience already or those who are self-motivated.

“Get out —what you put in”

Matt Faataui

What is personal training?

As the name suggests, personal training is “personal.” When we meet, it’s my job to get a thorough understanding of your goals, lifestyle, and current level of strength and fitness. From there, I write a tailored, periodized training program, and by working together, we achieve your goals, build strength, and gain confidence.

The service you’ll receive is comprehensive and designed for long-term adherence for guaranteed results.


• A custom and personalised training program for you in a interactive app called Trainerize

• Choose how many additional sessions you would like to complete on your own

• Monthly measurements (optional based on personal preference)

• Unlimited support via app, text or email outside of sessions

• Nutritional advice or referral



Each of our programs are customised to meet the individual needs of our customers


Principles of Malosi Culture

Training with a plan for you.

Any trainer can programme burpees and star jumps until you can hardly walk, but what’s the point in that? There has to be a method to the madness—I structure client programs to build toward their ultimate goals progressively.

Training should always be safe.

‘Safe’ doesn’t sound exciting, but safe, consistent training will get you stronger and achieve the results you want. You can’t be at your best if you’re hurt. My system delivers real results and builds resilience against future injuries.

Training should always be fun.

Well, as fun as hard training can be. My programs are built on simple, proven principles. My methods are always changing and evolving as I have a commitment to continued learning.

Get out —what you put in.

You get out of training what you put into training, period. With almost a decade of personal training experience, I’ll guide and help show you the way—but I can’t do the work for you.