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Malosi is a word that translates to strength in the Samoan language, which is where my heritage stems.


I believe that building a deep foundation in strength will benefit you no matter your goal.


What will work for some won’t work for others, so each training program is catered to my client’s individual needs. So no matter who you are or what you do, I have Malosi principles to help you achieve your goals.

Everybody is different.

Whether it is rehabbing an injury, prepping for bodybuilding, fat loss, deadlifting double your body weight or just keeping up with your kids.

My clients come from diverse backgrounds from all over the Sydney Northshore including, Northern Beaches, Mosman, Chatswood and Manly. I provide tailored training experiences, including locations and formats you prefer, whether in a group, one on one at a local park or gym.

Matt Faaataui

Matt Faataui


I’ve been training with Matt since 2015 and he’s been the one personal trainer that I’ve absolutely enjoyed training with, he’s very understanding, takes things at your pace and overall is just a really great guy to chat and hang with. Training with him got me used to the gym environment and how to use the equipment properly, the education and knowledge I got from Matt has been valuable and is something I keep at the back of my head throughout my training now.

Alex Taylor, Student

I have been training with Matt since 2013. Matt is the perfect PT for me. He knows how to challenge me, yet at the same time, he knows my limits for my age group. Matt is easy to talk to and makes the session fun and enjoyable and not boring. I feel healthy, fit and strong for my 65 years, thanks to Matt and his training.  I can certainly recommend him no matter what age or fitness level you are at he will work out a programme that suits your needs.

Rosalie Bertaglia, 65, Dental/Receptionist

When we first started training together, I was new to the whole workout/fitness world. Matt showed me that going to the gym wasn’t just all about running on treadmills (my worst nightmare), but squats, burpees and sled runs. He showed me how to be the strongest, healthiest version of me. Through the 5 years we have trained together I have learned so much about effective training and looking after my body.  From not being able to squat at all to squatting 66.8kgs, Matt was there to encourage and cheer me on through a shoulder injury. I am looking forward to achieving my fitness goals and hitting even higher PB in the future with Matt!

Emma Wong, 29, Outlet Manager/ Barista
I first started training with Matt in the lead up to my wedding, I was really keen to lose a few kgs and tone up. Matt developed a tailored training program and helped me to monitor my diet so that I could reach my goals. I was so happy with the result and continued to train with Matt until I fell pregnant. Even then, Matt adjusted my program so that I could remain active during my pregnancy and I continued to train up until the end of my second trimester! Matt is a wonderful PT and has become a great friend over the last few years. Highly recommend!!
Felicity Hayes, 29, HR Professional

I have trained with Matt for almost 3 years and he consistently delivers exceptional service. Matt consistently adapts your program to align both with your personal goals and with any particular injuries. Matt is able to work closely with physio’s and jointly manage any injuries, strengthening requirements etc. Importantly Matt also makes training fun and I would highly recommend him to anyone.

Andy Jackson, CEO

Training with Matt is like training alongside your friend. Matt is motivating and supports you to keep challenging yourself, even after your sessions.  Matt is clever in his approach, creating meaningful and effective workouts that are specific to your own goals. Matt has helped me improve my strength and has given me the confidence to sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Harriet Owens, 26, Early Childhood Teacher

I started training with Matt to improve the physical demands required as a competitive dancer. My main goals were attaining peak performance during competition seasons and overall longevity as a dancer. Every session Matt tailored the exercises to fit my hypermobility requirements and his attentive guidance kept me in great shape during off-seasons and the results were always continuous.

Natalia Kim, 26, Law Clerk

Matt has been my personal trainer for strength training for the last 2 years. Under his guidance, I have built amazing strength and understood the right nutrition to achieve fat loss. I strongly recommend Matt because he ensures you perform the workout with the right technique, a combination of exercises in the workout that focuses on the overall body and help you keep motivated.

Amar Desai, 43, Senior manager

I had many injuries before starting to work with Matt, he helped me to identify the reason for repetitive injuries and also build up strength so I don’t get injured anymore. I really enjoyed my sessions with Matt, he always knows how to keep exercising interesting and also challenging. I had many injuries before starting to work with him, he helped me to identify the reason of repetitive injuries and also to build up strength so I don’t get injured anymore. He is very professional and at the same time friendly.


I’ve trained with many PTs and the challenge has always been a sustainable and ongoing plan towards a purpose. With Matt, I have never lost sight of my goals and the training plans developed are fun, sustainable and something I look forward to every time we have a session.. I used to dread exercise but that’s not the case with Matt because he implicitly knows what the body can handle and how to build a program that keeps you coming back for more.. and you see the results too!

Sunny Sirabas, GM Innovation, CA ANZ

Matt is professional, passionate about what he does and formulates a plan best suited to your fitness level, body type and goals. He helped me build strength, confidence and my body fat percentage dropped to the lowest it had ever been. His training sessions are tough but a lot of fun!

Claire Lozano, 31, Your Content Goes Here

I feel fantastic every time I train with Matt, and he has truly helped me become the strongest, fittest, and most confident version of myself! Matt has always motivated me to live a healthy and balanced lifestyle. His training sessions are always fun and tailored to my goals. I feel fantastic every time I train with him and he has truly helped me become the strongest, fittest, and most confident version of myself! Matt is a fantastic trainer and I can’t wait for our next session!


I’ve been training with Matt since November 2018. And thru Matt, I’ve learned so much more about the strength that my body is capable of, and the attention to detail of Matt’s training on my form, positioning and technique has shown me new respect to keep my body healthy. Prior to starting with Matt I did not visit the gym and relied on adhoc weekly runs, but now I know having Matt as my PT makes my life so much better.

Steve Hui, CEO

Who are the people I work with?

My ideal client is anyone with a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard and push towards their goals.


How do I work with you?

Everyone is unique — and we all have things going on in our lives, so my training programs cater to my client’s individual needs.


What my approach is?

Each program is calibrated and thoughtfully catered to help my client achieve their goals — no two programs are alike.


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